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a proud J. Elliott company

Already ready to contact us? Email us at elliottdevnprocessing@gmail.com, or message us on our Discord here .

Get cheap and reliable
computer repair

Say what you want, get high quality results. Competitively priced labor and upkeep allows you to focus on bigger things in your life.

Fast and secure

APIs are fast and secure, with all traffic monitored. Anybody messing with your service who isn't authorized will be quickly banned.

Free support with services

Paying for a hosting service? Support is free!

Servers or desktops can be built with only $25 for labor. Shipping and parts prices are not included.

Lots of experience in common programming languages, from the C family all the way to Python, Lua, and batch/bash scripts.

Part of what we can do includes websites, database processing, data storage, TCP/HTTP server programming & hosting, discord bots, and ROBLOX server/client programming.

Contact us online or directly via email here , or Discord here .

If you choose us, we will likely get back to you on a weekday, from 9AM to 5PM CST.

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